Corporate Culture

Culture Concept

The spirit of enterprise

Unity, hard work
realistic, innovative

Enterprise management concept

scientific and standardized

Enterprise values

Scientific and technological innovation
quality first

The Company Views

 Company building
 Company environment
 Office scene
 Office scene
 Smart workshop
 Smart workshop
 Smart workshop

The Image Of Employee

Excellent us

 Best quality star of the year - Tao Wei
 Technical master of the year - Xue Zheng
 Back office service start of the year - Xu Binxing
 Best phone operator of the year - Gao Min
 Post model of the year - Miao Weiwei
 Lean expert of the year - Li Xinhuan
 Advanced Individual of the year - Jiang Chao
 Excellent Employee of the year - Chen Jinfeng
 Loyal contribution Star of the year - Tong Tong Lee

Motivated us

 Security hazards search training
 Improvement training of management skills for team leader
 Process training
 First aid training
 Sales new product knowledge training
 Theoretical knowledge test for first-line positions
 Staff psychological care training
 Quality knowledge competition

We work hard

 Superb cutting
 Exquisite assembly
 Precise detection
 Record carefully
 Enter carefully
 Shoulder to shoulder
 Match exactly
 Focus on

Happy us

 International Women
 10th Anniversary Party
 Safety Knowledge Competition of Safety Month of 2021
 Summer camp for Workers
 Welding Tournament of Quality Month of 2021
 Birthday party
 Birthday party
 Outdoor team building
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