Testing services

Testing services

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Testing services

Founded in August 2014, TAJ (Jiangsu) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has unique advantages in the development of new energy technology, the detection of PD5 special gas cylinders (limited to welding insulation cylinders and automotive welding insulation cylinders), FD2 safety valve calibration projects (safety valve calibration with setting pressure less than 10MPa) and related technical services; At the same time, it is also a professional testing and evaluation institution for welding insulated gas cylinders and automotive welding insulated gas cylinders.


It has the "Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Institution Approval Certificate" issued by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Technology and Quality Supervision, Special gas cylinder testing Institution approval certificate No.: TS7432381-2023 and safety valve verification Institution approval certificate No.: TS7F32M56-2023.

At present, the company has formulated the process standards related to gas cylinder testing and safety valve calibration, and the testing equipment is advanced, stable and accurate, which can provide enterprises and customers with fast and efficient special gas cylinder testing, safety valve calibration and technical services, and issue credible authoritative reports.


Adhering to the quality policy of "scientific, fair, safe and reliable", the company is committed to providing customers with perfect testing and calibration services, and constantly pursuing excellence!


The company has more than 10 employees, including 4 assistant engineers or above, 3 people holding QP-1 certificate, and 2 people with F certificate for safety valve verification of special equipment operators. In addition, 3 full-time operators hold QP-1 certificates, and 3 full-time operators hold F1 certificates for safety valve calibration and safety valve maintenance certificates for special equipment operators. The total fixed assets reached 1 million yuan, covering an area of 600 square meters, with a total building area of 500 square meters, including 200 square meters of office space, 250 square meters of testing workshop and 50 square meters of safety valve calibration room; It has 15 sets of main instruments and equipment.

Service advantages of TAJ

Door-to-door service

Online detection

Supporting to safety accessories and turnover parts

Dealing with on-site problem

Gas cylinder test

Visual inspection

Inspection of safety accessories

Checking the thread of detachable valve fittings

Safety valve inspection

Safety valve inspection

Static evaporation rate detection

Checking and printing the nameplate

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