Production capacity

Production capacity

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In 2011, built the first automatic manufacturing line for cryogenic adiabatic gas cylinders in China, leading the automation and intelligent revolution of the industry.

Continuous improvement of the production process over the years, the implementation of intelligent transformation of the corresponding equipment.

At present, the enterprise production has realized the SAP system as the main internal control platform, integrating PLM, CRM, OA, WMS, EMS, SCADA and other system management functions. To realize the information, digital and visual process coverage of personnel attendance, office approval, product research and development, production planning, equipment technology, warehousing and logistics, energy control, product life cycle and customer management, ensure the standardization of the manufacturing system and ensure the consistency and stability of product quality.

In 2021, the cryogenic insulation gas cylinder manufacturing plant passed the Suzhou Demonstration intelligent workshop certification.

At the beginning of 2022, the company passed the certification of integration of information and industrialization management systems.

Distributing head robot welding station

Automatic assembly line for front and rear heads

The robot welding machining center for external rear head supporting

Four- roller automatic plate bending machine

Automatic line-up machine

Automatic longitudinal seam welder

Line-up welding machining center

Impact testing machine

Universal testing machine

NDT room

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