The quality control

The quality control

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Quality assurance system

CUTR Certificate

ASME Certificate

ECER110 (E4) Certificate

Quality management system

Quality Management System Certification (Chinese)

Quality Management System Certification (English)

Environmental Management System Certification (Chinese)

Environmental Management System Certification (English)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (Chinese)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification (English)

Automobile quality management system certification certificate

TSG quality Assurance System certificate

Quality improvement system

Continuous improvement is the eternal goal of the quality management system of Furui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The company will continue to seek opportunities for continuous improvement of its process, to improve product characteristics and meet customer requirements.
The company's continuous improvement activities mainly include:
1. Through the establishment and implementation of the quality policy, create an encouraging atmosphere and environment, and timely revise the quality policy.
2. Continuously review the quality target, define the target of continuous improvement, and promote continuous improvement.
3. Through data analysis, process audit and product audit, auditing system, the second and thirty party audits, corrective and preventive measures, such as system activity, constantly seeks continuous improvement opportunities, the company management review every year, there are general manager presided over evaluation the effect of improvement, the continuous improvement activities for the arrangement, determine the new quality objectives, continuous PDCA circulation, Achieve continuous improvement of the company.

Quality sports and sports activities

01 Quality knowledge competition

FRNE carries out "Quality Knowledge Competition" from time to time, through the quality knowledge competition, all members have a comprehensive understanding of quality knowledge.

02 Finding fault in quality

Finding fault in quality, keeping improving, everyone's participation, starting from me, FRNE continues to carry out the quality document activities of not receiving defective products, not producing defective products, and not transferring defective products.

03 Welding skills competition

Weld in the right ways, and ensure the "quality". FRNE continues to hold welding skills practice competition activities, welding personnel show themselves in the competition, learn and communicate in the competition, with excellent competition works to show the high level of welding skills, so as to continuously improve the welding skills.

Quality awareness education

Quality awareness training

Quality irrigation builds the future. FRNE continues to carry out "product quality training" for employees. Through this training, the employees understand the causes of various quality problems and the different consequences, improve the quality awareness of employees, through this training can promote the whole staff to better integrate product quality awareness into the product manufacturing process, improve product quality and competitiveness.

Quality management system knowledge training

In order to improve the professional quality and ability of employees and master a variety of knowledge and skills, FRNE continuously organizes quality personnel to carry out "quality management system knowledge training" for the management, marketing, technology, production, purchasing, after-sales, human resources and other departments. Through training, the quality awareness and management awareness of the staff were enhanced, and the responsibilities and working procedures of the management were clarified. Through the analysis of each case, the staff of the company should be responsible for everything, everything has rules to follow, everything is documented, everything is supervised by someone, to achieve prevention, standardize the operation procedures of the enterprise, clear the responsibilities and authority of each department and all employees. Comprehensively improve the staff's business skills and comprehensive quality, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the enterprise.

Quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, quality is the foundation of the development and growth of the enterprise. Although the activity of "Quality improvement Month" has come to an end, the quality consciousness must be deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee. Full participation is reflected in the daily work - continuous improvement, without end.

PS: Zhangjiagang Furui New Energy Technology Co., LTD. (FRNE) was renamed after the integration of the internal assets of the original Cylinder Division of Zhangjiagang Furui CIT Co., LTD. and the original Zhangjiagang Furui Distributed Energy Research Institute Co., LTD. Therefore, the qualification is temporarily of Furui CIT, and the new company will update it later.

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